I thought “finally swim lanes for trello!”  …. but well it has of course limitations. I will give it a try …   More about Kanban More about Trello

Ein paar Kriterien zur Prüfung der eigenen Regeln und Prozesse im Unternehmen: Nutzen – Beschützt die Regel etwas, was beschützt werden muss? Nachvollziehbar – muss verstanden werden Effizienz – muss effizienzsteigernd sein Flexibel – muss agil sein Source: Regeln und Prozesse im agilen Umfeld? Nein! Doch! Oh! More about Agile

Forbes tells us about pifalls of problem solving and how to avoid them: To avoid a flawed problem definition use a checklist like TOSCA To avoid the solution confirmation pitfall, try to understand the problem first before jumping to solutions based on assumptions To avoid the wrong framework pitfall, make sure to use one that… Read Article →

A practical way to state a problem is to use the TOSCA checklist by answering the following questions: Trouble: What indicates the current situation is not the desired one? Owner: Who is responsible for its resolution? Success: What will success look like and when? Constraints: What are the binding constraints on developing a solution? Actors: Who are… Read Article →

again one more resource on the damaging effect of individual bonus systems: One of the most damaging management practices in business today is the individual bonus – “do this and get that”.   There are fifty years of research with very clear conclusions on individual bonuses: I can hardly think of any other area where… Read Article →

people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “level of incompetence”. In other words, employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another. Source: Peter principle @Wikipedia

According to Fortune Scrum Master is number 20 on the highest paying jobs in the US right now: Scrum master: $98,239 Source: These Are the 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S. Right Now More about Scrum Master

A nice article about technical debt, refactoring and sustainable development: “How to prioritise technical debt against business features? How do we convince them that refactoring is important? How can anyone estimate the value of technical stories?” “If You Don’t Schedule Time for Maintenance, Your Equipment Will Schedule It for You” Article: Sprints, marathons and root canals

As a Scrum Master I like schedule a ca. 15 minute one-on-one (O3s) with every team member once in every 1-2 sprints. I experimented with different setups and questions in the past. This is the setup I currently feel comfortable with: Sprint-ly O3s The Setup I try to find a silent, “informal” place, that is… Read Article →

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