10.000 hours


It is said that you need to put 10.000 hours of effort into becoming an expert in the area of you choice.
Is this plannable? I would guess so … So, let´s give it a try ;-D


What do we need for this?
Well first we should make sure to phrase our goal smart: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely.


We need some kind of a mission or vision statement first:

By the age of 50 I want to be an expert on agile project management
including software project but I also want to be able to apply the principle in other areas.

Sounds good to me 🙂


How do we know that we have been successfull? Hm, what is an expert? I would have to think about this a little bit further because criteria that come to my mind first is not sattisfying: respect from peers, successfull projects, highly demanded (eg jobmarket), high salary, … this needs further elaboration and could be a good starting point.


Theoretically this should be possible. Let´s do the math:

10.000 hours / 10 years = 1.000 hours per year
1.000 hours / 12 month = 83 hours per month
1.000 hours / 50 weeks = 20 hours per week or between
83 / 30 days = 2,8 hours per day and
83 / 20 days = 4,2 hours per day

3-4 hours a day sounds feasable to me.


To spend that time sounds realistic, to become an expert after that much effort too. Yes, for both. But …

Sounds the whole 10.000 hour rule realistic?

Well, not that much … The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong. How to Really Master a Skill

Could it still be of use?

  • you have defined a clear goal and vision for yourself
  • you broke it down to a daily effort you can easily track
  • you can now figure out what to do in those 3 hours
  • and you will for sure try to beat the 10.000 hours
  • by selecting carefully activities that add the most value to your goal


Haha, for sure 🙂


I would not put to much in the exact number of hours. Still this could be motivating. In combination with tools like TMM, Trello, Toyota Kata, Habitica or other methods that can help to stay on track it might be worth a try. Even if you give up after a few month you would still have made some progress and can come bach to it at any time when you feel inspired again.

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Liked that posting?
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