15 Step Anti-Procrastination Strategy

Currently a face an unusual problem: I procrastinate on my study tasks 😮 … This is pretty surprising because I really like and enjoy it … well, at least I did so ^^ Well, that´s why I like that infografic pretty much right now. I cut it into seperate images and added it to my wallpaper images 🙂
Here´s a summary of the key points:

01 • Know Yourself
02 • Practice Effective Time Management
03 • Change Your Perspective
04 •  Commit to Assignements
05 • Work in Productive Environements
06 • Be realistic
07 • Self-Talk Positively
08 • Un-Schedule
09 • Swiss-Cheese Tasks
10 • Don´t Indulge Fantasies
11 • Plan For Obstacles
12 • Improve Learning Behavior
13 • Help Yourself
14 • Reward Progress
15 • Learn to forgive yourself

The Infografic can be found here …
Source: Die Infografik gegen Aufschieberitis @toolblog.de

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