20 Product Owner Anti Paterns

The Scrum Team consists of a Product Owner, the Development Team, and a Scrum Master. What makes a great Product Owner? I found a list of 20 things to watch out for …

Product Owner

  1. No single Product Owner for one team
  2. Interference with the daily work
  3. Stories built around product layers
  4. No projection of the product backlog
  5. Backlog is filled with a bunch of “Strings”, not proper user stories
  6. The Product Owner is underpowered and does not act as the guard of the backlog
  7. The Product Owner that uses estimates to set deadline demos for clients
  8. The Product Owner is too busy for the team; he has too many teams
  9. The Product Owner is too busy for the team. He spends a lot of time in meetings with clients
  10. The Product Owner Proxy
  11. Product owner community
  12. The Product Owner sacrifices the quality of the product to ship the product faster
  13. Confusing the Product Owner role with the Scrum Master Role
  14. The Product Owner who expects a stretched commitment because “based on their experience it shouldn’t take that long.”
  15. Being Product Owner because they’re a department lead/manager
  16. The Product Owner who feels it is not their role to maintain the backlog or delegates all of the actual User Story writing to the team and SM
  17. The Product Owner who thinks a Scrum Master is just a project manager whose role is to pester people into doing their job
  18. The Product Owner who refuses to choose between five top priorities
  19. The Product Owner who insists on architecting the solution design
  20. The Product Owner who does not regard himself as a team member


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