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Complete this sentence: “We can’t (describe the target process) because ________.” Following the word “because,” read the obstacle verbatim. Read exactly what it says on the obstacle parking lot. Word for word. Source: TOYOTA KATA: IS THAT REALLY AN OBSTACLE?

• Small Is Best – Time, Scope and Team • Clear Requirements • Regular Planning • Regular Reviews • Regular Improvement • A Cross Functional Self Organising Team • Quality Is Key • Regular Releases Source: Is It Possible To Be Agile Without Using Scrum? –

The 4 R’s of DevOps: Reliable, Repeatable, Rapid, Return-on-Investment For example, if I have a client who wishes to rapidly have an application with the ability for Continuous Deployment, I advise them to take the absolute smallest application they have because it’s going to have to go through the longest and largest set of pipeline activities…. Read Article →

Podcast Tip!  Agile Answers by Adam Weisbart found   Have fun & be curious! Liked that posting!? Then please help others to find it too and share before you leave 😉 Thank you!

… can be found here 11 Essential Trello Integrations That Make Your Job Easier (en) or here Nützliche Erweiterungen für Trello (ger).

Question of the day! ;-D What is the smallest thing you can think of that is likely to have a positive impact our worklife? Two rules: It must not cost anything (manpower can be involved but no “real” expenditures like actually “buying” something) It needs to somehow benefit our customers (internal or external) Source: The Spirit… Read Article →

After listening to The Phoenix Project once again I´m pretty interested in the details of the DevOps concept. I found a cool article to start out. It mentions all relevant terms and gives a brief description. DevOps Terms • Agile • DevOps • Continuous Delivery • Continuous Integration • Microservices • Release Orchestration • Provisioning •… Read Article →

Book Tip! The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win Autor: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford @Audible 4 Stars Behind the scenes: What I Learned: The Phoenix Project Audiobook By Robyn Crummer-Olson

Currently a face an unusual problem: I procrastinate on my study tasks 😮 … This is pretty surprising because I really like and enjoy it … well, at least I did so ^^ Well, that´s why I like that infografic pretty much right now. I cut it into seperate images and added it to my… Read Article →

Tool Tip! Brainstorming with MindNode for OS X and iOS. Elegant Mind Mapping Tool for Apple Devices My favourite brainstorming tool 🙂 Hint: A library with icons comes with the tool but I prefer using Icons8 for my mind maps! Cool features Sooo easy to use! Let´s you focus on your task – Great! Room… Read Article →

Was könnte nun eine Lösung sein? Man benötigt eine effektive Arbeitssteuerung jenseits von Teamgrenzen – Kanban auf Flight Level 3 oder 4 also. Die Arbeit im System muss limitiert sein und das System muss ein Abschluss-Verhalten aufweisen. „Stop starting, start finishing“ muss die Devise sein. Es müssen inaktive Arbeiten und Wartezeiten sichtbar gemacht und reduziert… Read Article →

Nice Tool to remind you to do breaks! Can also be used as a pomodoro timer.

Methoden Tip!  Brainstorming mit SCAMPER found >>> Go! Have fun & be curious! Liked that posting!? Then please help others to find it too and share before you leave 😉 Thank you!

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