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Reading List Tip!  10 Books You Can Read In One Night That Will Boost Your Motivation For Work found Some of the books are also available on! Why do I recommend that list? I have already read 2 of the books and they are great! I hope the others are interesting too … >>> Go!… Read Article →

Getting distracted in huge Trello boards? Don´t want do scroll endlessly? Try this chrome app for Trello: Trellists: Trello Lists Master In a recent post I complained about a feature I missed in Trello: the possibility to fold or collapse lists. In huge boards this would be really useful. Now I found an app that… Read Article →

Blog Artikel Tip!  3 Wege, um mit Trello deine ToDo-Liste aufzubauen found >>> Go! Have fun! Liked that posting!? Then please help others to find it too and share before you leave 😉 Thank you!

Swamped with work? Start here and STOP! Listen to this great book: Think Fast! Accurate Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Planning in Minutes a Day by Guy Hale A very interesting book that provides a guideline – or a process – that can help us to deal with overwhelming workload: break down tasks, prioritize, pick the right strategy for each… Read Article →

Sports equipment recommendation! Christopeit Crosstrainer Ergometer CXM 6 A few weeks ago I sold my Christopoeit crosstrainer. Why? I started to go running in the morning and felt the need for a change. Still: I really liked that piece of sport equipment! Cool features Silent! A lot of different programs, features and displays Stable good… Read Article →

Wow! Did you know that? Now the cool features for editing your PDF are also available for the Mac version. @AppleStore   Oh man, how could I overlook this!? You know these moments, right? Well, I do 😉 And that´s why I created the Did you know that? section about these small cool things.   May the… Read Article →

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