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Wondering how long your sprint should be? This might help: 21 Tips on Choosing a Sprint Length

Unterschiede zwischen Coaching & Training Coaching: Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe als Ziel Training: Anleitung zum Auf- und Ausbau spezifischer Verhaltensweisen Coaching-Report – Coaching-Report

Coolest calender ever to create a burndown chart… use calendar rulers on the x achsis for the days and a simple cloth tape measure for the story points on the y achsis 😉 Get it!

Need a cumulative flow diagram for trello? Here´s a plugin: Found:

If there is a large backlog of defects (ie while changing from traditional project management to scrum) its OK to estimate this defect backlog. Here’s why:

I found a nice process: 1-Team member (the discoverer) finds a bug and finds who wrote that bit of code (the originator). 2-The discoverer gets up, goes to the originator (if they are not already working together) and says “I’ve found a bug in some code you wrote—let’s fix it together.” 3-The originator immediately stops… Read Article →

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