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Super post: “How To Ensure That Scrum Teams Launch Successfully” by Ilia Pavlichenko here my key take aways … Organizational Gravitation Here are only a few of the issues that pilot Scrum Teams usually face. Teams organized around internal business processes and, consequently, artificial dependencies on other teams. No political will to assign a real Product… Read Article →

Preparation is “everything” … well, sure not really everything but well prepared user stories do make the sprint much less painfull. As a scrum master I insist on only having ready stories in the sprint planning. On I found a nice article by Ian Mitchell on that topic. Here are my personal key take aways …… Read Article →

Check out my new experiement! Cram cards with concepts and quotes from books related to agile software development and project managment: Worklife | Agile & Co The deck is continuously growing, so more is to come!

Sehr interessanter Beitrag. Klaus: Die eigentliche Formel zu Little’s Law lautet L = λ×W, aber wir verwenden DLZ=WIP/DS (DLZ: Durchlaufzeit; DS: Durchsatz). Worin liegt der Unterschied bzw. was sind die Konsequenzen daraus? Dan: Eigentlich sind beide Formeln legitime Definitionen von Little’s Law, wenn man davon ausgeht, dass die Beziehung von Durchschnittswerten betrachtet wird. Der Unterschied liegt in… Read Article →

That is a really usefull book! Here´s the website with the different categories: “Game categories”


Nice short summary! Actually I would prefer to repost the whole post but well here´s the part about the user story: The DoR for a user story The user story is define Acceptance criteria are defined Dependencies are identified The story has been sized by the delivery team The Scrum Team accepts any UX artifacts… Read Article →

3 things we should not do First is something I consider one of the worst habits a Scrum team can develop: allowing work to spill over from one sprint to the next. This happens when a team does not finish all of the product backlog items they’ve planned into a sprint and simply carry the work… Read Article →

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