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What are the Top 10 Traits of An Agile Coach? I found an article with a list … Hands-On Scrum and Agile Experience Experience as a Developer Application of XP & Technical Practices Lean Thinker Continuous Improvement Change Agent / OCM Expert Excellent Listening Skills Emotional Intelligence Unconditional Positive Regard for Others Uses Agile Mindset… Read Article →

A visual display that presents up-to-date, sufficiently detailed, and important information to passersby in an easy, self-interpretable format. Source: Agile Development Resources

A nice article about how the Scrum Master can (or should) act as a Facilitator. Facilitation goes far beyond moderation of scrum events. The article clarifies this …   Summarised, great facilitation is about: Serving the team without being their servant; Helping the team make decisions and reach consensus that sticks; Addressing difficult attitudes, dysfunctional behaviours… Read Article →

The main goal of Kanban is to introduce change with minimal resistance. In his book about Kanban, David J Anderson gives us a step-by-step guide to to bootstrapping a Kanban system. Bootstrapping a Kanban System Agree on a set of goals Map the Value Stream Define the point for input control Define the exit point… Read Article →

How to pitch what you do in 4 steps and less than 60 seconds. Here´s a 4 step structure. 1. What do you do? 2. What problem do you solve? 3. How is your product or service different? 4. Why should I care? Source How to Tell Your Business Story in 60 Seconds or Less

Fun to listen and full of useful advice. Highly recommend 🙂 Do You Talk Funny Do You Talk Funny?: 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker by David Nihill  Quote “Think back through your experiences and make a bullet point list of funny stories that have happened to you or your friends…. Read Article →

How to become a master at asking questions? In the book The Coaching Habit 8 lessons are mentioned to master this art. Question Habits After I´ve asked a question Instead of adding another question I will be quiet while I wait for the answer When I´ve got a question to ask Instead of explaining it… Read Article →

What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question – Jonas Salk Source The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier

The idea “don’t motivate people, stop demotivating them” violates Two-Factor Theory, which says removing things that demotivate people doesn’t mean they will be motivated. They are not opposites. People still want to feel motivated about something. You can create that something. — Jurgen Appelo (@jurgenappelo) January 22, 2018 Source:

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