5 Pitfalls of Problem Solving

Forbes tells us about pifalls of problem solving and how to avoid them:

  1. To avoid a flawed problem definition use a checklist like TOSCA
  2. To avoid the solution confirmation pitfall, try to understand the problem first before jumping to solutions based on assumptions
  3. To avoid the wrong framework pitfall, make sure to use one that actually fits the problem. Frameworks drive out attention into a specific direction. If we use the wrong framework we might overlook important aspects of work on the wrong “end”.
  4. To avoid the narrow framing pitfall, make sure understand the problem in depth. Just like with pitfalls 2 and 3, a superficial understanding of the problem can draw us into a wrong direction.
  5. To avoid the miscommunication pitfall, make sure to have everyone on board by selling the solution and providing information on why this solution is the right one.

The articles uses nice story telling examples to illustrate the pitfalls!

Source: The Five Pitfalls Of Problem-Solving – And How To Avoid Them

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