5 Questions to Ask Before a Meeting

How can we ensure that a meeting reaches its goal? Here are 5 questions you should ask your stakeholders before the meeting starts.

Prepare your Meeting with these 5 Questions

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – (multiple sources possible)

If we want to moderate or facilitate a successful meeting, preparation is critical. The 7 Ps framework and the 5 core principles can help us. Both mention the participants and their engagement. To involve your stakeholders in the preparation phase before your meeting actually takes places can have a highly positive impact on the outcome.

Here are 5 Questions you can ask your stakeholders before the meeting (or at the beginning):

  1. By the end of the meeting, what is the best outcome you´d hope for?
  2. What are the Business Objectives this meeting must serve?
  3. Imagine the meeting has been wildly successful, what will have changed for the better?
  4. Suppose we look at the meeting as a step in a lager initiative, what´s the ultimate goal?
  5. Is there anything else you´d like the meeting to achieve?


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