7 Ps Framework – A Thinking Tool for Brainstorming

Method Tip!  Don´t know how to start on a project? Need to plan an event? Got Stuck? Use the 7 Ps Framework to get things going. A simple but helpful thinking tool.

Don´t know how to start? Use the 7 Ps to get going!

As far as I know this method was initially meant to prepare meetings, events, trainings. I personally like to use it also as a starting point for all other sorts of activities. If I´m stuck or can´t figure out how to start I use the 7 Ps to think it through and to get going.

Here are the 7 Ps


  • Why are we having this Meeting?


  • What specific artefact will we produce out of the meeting?
  • What will it do, and how will it support the purpose?


  • Who needs to be there, and what role will they play?
  • What questions are we answering with this meeting?
  • Who are the right people to answer the questions?


  • What agenda will these people use to create the product?
  • Collaborate in advance with the attendees!
  • Co-design the agenda!


  • What are the risks in this meeting, and how will we address them?
  • These could be as simple as ground rules, such as “no laptops”, or topics out of scope.


  • What would be useful to do in advance?
  • Material to read, research, homework, …?

Practical Concerns

  • Logistics: where, when, lunch, breaks, …
  • What else?


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If you want to know more about the 7 Ps, here are some blog articles about the framework:

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