8 Question to become a Question Master

How to become a master at asking questions? In the book The Coaching Habit 8 lessons are mentioned to master this art.

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Question Habits

  1. After I´ve asked a question
    Instead of adding another question
    I will be quiet while I wait for the answer
  2. When I´ve got a question to ask
    Instead of explaining it
    I will just ask the questions (and then shut up to listen to the answer)
  3. When I´ve got an answer, which I want to suggest
    Instead of asking “have you thought about”
    I will ask one of the 7 Coaching Questions
    and if I want to present an Idea I´ll offer it as an option

  4. When I´m tempted to ask them “Why...?
    Instead of starting the questions with WHY
    I will reframe the questions so it starts with “WHAT?

    What were you hoping for?
    What made you choose this course of action?

  5. When I´ve asked a question and he doesn´t have an answer ready
    Instead of saying something
    I will take a breath and shut up for 3 more seconds

  6. When I´ve asked a question
    instead of looking like actively listening
    I will actually listen
    and when I am distracted, I´ll come back and start listening again
  7. When the person gives an answer
    instead of rushing to the next question
    I will acknowledge the reply by saying: “Yes, that´s good.”

  8. When I feel the Advice Monster approach
    instead of giving advice or offering ideas
    I will ask one of the 7 Coaching Questions




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