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Hi there:)

Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.12.48This little page is about my passions: lifelong learning, books  continuous improvement, scrum, kanban, motivation, habits, self/time management … well, pls just look at the tags ;-D

I´m in my late 30s early 40s now and spent my work life mainly in IT & Event Management. At present I´m the (rather unconventionall 🙂 ) PMO in a software company. I do my best to positively influence the development of our project management methods. This includes traditional methods as well as agile methods. I also really enjoy to have the opportunity to act as a scrum master at the moment.
At present I am super excited that I can finally work as a professional Scrum Master. Agile is my passion!

In my private life I spend most of my time either on learning or reading books … well some of them are actually audiobooks that I listen to 🙂 My current – very time consuming – private project is a business informatics distance learning program at a local university.

This blog is mostly meant as a digital memory for myself and to post links for friends. Of course everyone is invited to follow and get in touch. The blog postings are a mixture of english and german contents. I apologise if you´re not speaking on of those languages.

More information on the blog can be found on my old welcome page.

Nathalie Karasek

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