How to Apply Tuckman as a Scrum Master

Tuckmans phase model of team building is well known. In her book about how to become a great scrum master  Zuzana Šochová tells us how to apply it in a Scrum team context.

Tuckman for Scrum Teams


Observations & Symptoms

  • team members act as individual specialists
  • they don´t need each other
  • Scrum is hard to apply for them and therefore they
  • complain that it is not useful

Strategies for the Scrum Master

  • explain backbone Scrum principles
  • spend time teaching, explaining and sharing experiences


Observations & Symptoms

  • tension grows
  • team starts arguing and getting upset

Strategies for the Scrum Master

  • encourage the team to talk
  • make working agreements on how to act together
  • Facilitate communication


Observations & Symptoms

  • liberation from stres
  • dangerous! it´s tempting to stay where they are
  • “we are good; we don´t need to improve anymore”

Strategies for the Scrum Master

  • show the team how to get even better
  • Coach the team


Observations & Symptoms

  • self confidence
  • always looking hot to do things better
  • playfully running experiments
  • not afraid of failing
  • open and transparent
  • fun, creative and innovative environment

Strategies for the Scrum Master

  • observing
  • focussing on other levels (of the ScrumMasterWay) The 3 Levels of the #ScrumMasterWay
  • watching out for change


When something is changing it might be that the team goes through another round of the Tuckman phases. A Scrum Master must observe any change and if needed navigate the team through the phases again.

[… ] during the first round the ScrumMaster was diligently taking care of communication, working agreements and team health, but this time it may be that no one thinks about these things



The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay by Zuzana Šochová

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