How to Build a Habit and Counter Resistance

One of my favourite books on coaching also teaches us how to built a habit. Here´s a little summary.

Building a Habit

This is not meant to be an exhaustive summary, these are just some notes / quotes from the chapter that I want to store for later 🙂

At least 45 % of our waking behaviour is habitual.

…if you spend too much time imagining the outcome, you´re less motivated to actually do the work to get there

So think

  • less about what your habit can do for you, and
  • more about how this new habit will help a person or people you care

The Formula

  • When this happens …
  • Instead of …
  • I will …

5 types of Triggers

For the first part, When this happens …,  it is necessary to identify what triggers the behaviour. These 5 triggers might help to identify them:

  • location
  • time
  • emotional state
  • other people
  • immediately preceding action

How to Counter Resistance

New behaviour is likely to trigger resistance from somewhere. Here are some tips to counter this:

  • Start somewhere easy – friendly “customer”
  • Start small – one thing at a time
  • Buddy up – use support systems
  • Get back on the horse – conscious incompetence feels awkward, that´s normal, go ahead



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