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Checker Plus Chrome Extentions

As I use Gmail and the Google Calendar all day long (work & private life) in chrome browser these tools are really useful.

cool_filledCool features

  • Sit in the browser with other extentions and are therefore visible all the time
  • Icon for Gmail shows how many unread messages I have in my inbox
  • Icon for Calendar: various options available, I prefer minutes left to next meeting (or timebox)
  • On click great overview
  • one more click opens tab with Gmail/Calendar
  • Gmail: possible to marc messages as read or move to archive right in the little dropdown window
  • Nice options to customize behaviour of extention

sad_filledRoom for improvement

Next to nothing so far. One nice to have feature I could imagine

  • As a user I can double click on the icon and then Gmail/Calendar is opened in a new tab. (Open in Gmail, Open Calendar)


  • Price: free basic version, additional features can be purchased


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