How to do a Daily Standup in a Kanban Team

In his book about Kanban, David J. Anderson tells us how to modify the daily standup to be most effective in a Kanbanchi setup.


Book Cover: "Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business" by David J. Anderson

What to Discuss in a Kanban Standup

The Scrum Standup

The daily standup meeting in a scrum setup answers three questions:

  • What has been achieved since the last standup?
  • What will be done until the next standup?
  • Are impediments blocking progress?

The Kanban Standup

Daily standup meetings should be used to discuss issues, impediments, and flow. They do not typically flood the established pattern of other Agile development methods.

In a Kanban Standup it is recommended to

  • walk the board” and
  • focus on the flow of work backwards – from right to left
  • Visualise and focus on cards that are blocked or delayed,
    for example due to defects.
  • Also discuss cards that have not moved recently

With this even big teams of 50+ people can perform a standup in less than 10 minutes.

Scrum of Scrums

One more interesting detail mentioned in the book:

  • Scrum setup: team standup first, then scrum of scrums
  • Kanban setup: reverse the order



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