My EduScrum Sprint Planning

Tomorrow in the morning I start a 3 day learning challenge and in general I have to do a whole lot until 18.4.. I like to use a scrumish way of organising my work so I splitted all my assignments (deliverables) I need to submit until 18.4. into small tasks and estimated them in storypoints by using magicestimation and trello.

I must admit the way I did it this time is more scrumish and not really following the classical process to the point.

Lets start a new EduScrum Sprint


This time I made a backlog refinement session in Trello. One column with my deliverables, one for the tasks and more columns for the number of story points each (1,2,3,5,8,13,20,XL).

Backlog Refinement

I took the first deliverable and splitted it into tasks. After that I moved the tasks to the story point columns and started with the next deliverable. When I was done I entered the number of story points via Plus for Trello into the cards … OK, that was pretty boring and made me doubt if the whole thing is a good idea … But well, I did it similar to this in the past and it was a very good process that motivated me so I went on ….

Sprint Planning

Well, this is not the classical one where I “commit” to do something … The lecturers committed me so it goes directly to sprint planning #2 🙂

Next things was to cluster them back into deliverables so I created one column for each deliverable. I moved all cards into the correct column and ordered them in a way that will most probably make sense: due to motivational reasons I placed small and easy cards on the top, finalising and submitting deliverable at the end and the rest somewhere in between.

Finally I ordered the assignements (columns) in a sequence that is driven by priority/size and takes my available time per day into consideration.

Let´s get started

So that leaves me now with the (not very motivating) number of 235 story points for 9 assignements 😮 The good news is that one of the lecturers provides usually to many ressources so I hope that I can later cancel at least a few of them …

Most of the tasks should now also be small enough to either fit in a pomodoro or it should at least be easy enough to do that when starting.

… oh, well then let´s get started! 🙂

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