Emotional Intelligence of Groups

Key points of the HBR article about emotional intelligence of groups by Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff.

Regulate Emotions

To build a foundation for emotional intelligence, a group must be aware of and constructively regulate the emotions of:
individual team members
• the whole group
other key groups with whom it interacts

Here´s a short extract from the article telling us how to achieve this.

Individual team members

  • Understand the sources of individuals’ behavior
    and take steps to address problematic behavior.
  • Encourage all group members to share their perspectives before making key decisions
  • Handle confrontation constructively.
    If team members fall short, call them on it by letting them know the group needs them
  • Treateach other in a caring way— acknowledge when someone is upset;
    show appreciation and respect

The whole group

  • Regularly assess the group’s strengths, weaknesses, and modes of interaction
  • Invite reality checks from customers, colleagues, suppliers
  • Create structures that let the group express its emotions
  • Cultivate an affirmative environment
  • Encourage proactive problem solving

Other key groups

  • Designate team members as liaisons to key outside constituencies
  • Identify and support other groups’ expectations and needs
  • Develop cross boundary relationships to gain outsiders’ confidence
  • Know the broader social and political context in which your group must succeed
  • Show your appreciation of other groups

Build Group Norms



Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups by Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff

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