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Track your progress with the goal setting App Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar

I like goodreads reading challenge a lot. I can set my goal such as read 52 books in 2016. The it will show me my progress in percent. Simple but very effective.

I wanted to track my other goals in the same way. A spreadsheet was my first guess but not a real option. I usually update it in the train or in bed so it needs to be an app that I can easily use on the iPad and it has to be fancy so that I enjoy using it. Therefore google spreadsheet was no option.

I then found raise the bar on the app store and am now using it since about 4 month.

I track everything there that I want to focus on (except the books because they are tracked in goodreads): learning goals, exercise and sports activities, …

cool_filledCool features

  • 3 different modes
  • progress bar
  • custom colors
  • amount and time tracking
  • sharing
  • easy to use and fancy

sad_filledRoom for improvement

There is not much I don´t like about it. Still unfortunately these are really annoying:

  • not possible to edit the title of your goal afterwards
  • not possible subtract/remove points again: if I mistakenly click to often on the up arrow it is not possible to undo this
  • support is not reacting/answering


  • Price: can´t remember … maybe 4-5 EUR?
  • OS: iOS, Android





May the focus be with you!

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