Gamify your ToDo List

You need a little bit motivation to get your tasks done?
Try to make a game of it! Habitica might be the right tool for you 🙂

I really love Trello. Still I also tried various tools for daily tasks and habits. There are indeed cool habit forming tools out there like Lift, Way of Life, Productive, paper based templates and many more 🙂 Switching between apps can become unconvenient at some point and that´s why I would like to have my todo list and my habits in one tool. For motivation a gamified solution pleases me most and so I now returned to Habitica (former known as Habit RPG).

The main idea is to divide your challenges into 3 types:

  • Habits
    things you should or should not do. This is not tied to some specific rhythm. For example “drink a glas of water”.
  • Dailies
    Reoccuring tasks that you should perform either daily or for example every Monday. These could be things like exercising, emptying your email inbox, writing a journal, …
  • ToDos
    These are “one-time” tasks like “buying birthday present for mum”.

And of course there is the gamification aspect

  • Every time you check something as done you get rewarded by earning gold coins and experience which will eventually lead your character to level up
  • If you don´t complete your tasks they will get orange and red later on and finally your character will “die“. That means your character will loose one level, one equipment item and all his gold 😮

That is how it looks like:




Text for copy & paste:

:star2: Bonus Points! Wow, :punch::ant::muscle::monkey: I spontaneously went to Box3Gym or did some extra workout!
*Hey, that´s pretty cool! Feels good, right!?*

Cool featurespro

  • motivation via gamification
  • you can add and customize your tasks just like you want
  • helpful addons (like: removing game images for use at work)

Room for improvementcon

  • Yes, I know the pixel graphics are part of the retro style but I personally think it´s a little bit too much
  • I want to be able to move multiple items at the time
  • I want to be able to define a deadline for multiple items at the time
  • Integration with Trello, IFTTT, Email, Slack
  • Email notifications for completed tasks (I would like to redirect them to my evernote journal including a timestamp)  – Yes I know there is an export feature but I don´t want to use that.
  • I would like to be able to find my friends profiles and to exchange messages (this is not needed if there is an integration as mentioned above – eg Slack)
  • Due dates seem to be ignored: card is still getting orange/red.  Cards should only start getting orange/red when due date is reached.


  • Price: Free
  • OS: Webapp, iOS, …?


5 Stars

5 Stars
Room for improvement but still great!


May the force be with you!


If you want to know more about these tools in general check other postings about Habitica or Trello. Watch out for the next article on how I try to use Habitica with Trello.

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