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Spice up your work using the icons8 app

Fancy app if you sometimes need icons to jazz up presentations, documents, etc. The basic version provides small icon for free. For me personally this is sufficient most of the time.

cool_filledicons8 features I like

  • What I really like is that it sits in the menu bar and is therefore easily accessible
  • Adjust the colour and size of the icons to match my requirements
  • Various options for grabbing the icon: save to clipoard, defined icon folder, …
  • Search by category or text
  • Predefined sets of icons – eg IOS 9, Android 4, ….
  • Show similar icons
  • IOS … well, and windows too

sad_filledWhat I don´t like using icons8

  • The only thing I don´t like is that the search by text takes a little bit to long … but well, I tend to be impatient 😉

puzzleFacts icons8

  • Price: Free basic version comes with small icons. Big icons can be purchased seperatly for €5+. Lifetime access to everythin €249.
  • OS: iOS, Win, Webapp, …?

popular_topic_filledRating icons8



This little tool helps me to save a lot of time!


Here´s the website: https://icons8.com/app/#/ios


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May the icon be with you!


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