Kanban WIP for Trello – Get focussed by adding WIP to Trello

Work focussed by limiting your work in progress (WIP). The Kanban WIP for Trello app add this feature to your Trello boards in chrome.

Work Efficiently by Limiting Your Work in Progress with Kanban WIP for Trello


Here´s my (empty) Kata board with an example for the WIP limit

WIP limit is an important feature of kanban boards. This chrome app adds the feature to your Trello boards.

I like to use WIP for various workflows. One example is the Toyota Kata Process that has been documented by Mike Rother. It is a structured way of doing rapid PDCA cycles. The idea is to apply scientific methods to run experiments to test (and implement) small improvement on processes. These cycles are meant to be very short: only one or two days. To support the process a Kata board is recommended. Mike Rother did not document the usage of a kanban board for this but I  like to use one for it. Here now comes the WIP limit: You shall only work on exactly one obstacle at the time and only conduct exactly one experiment.

cool_filledCool features

  • define ranges – eg: [3-6] sets a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6
  • limit is reached: column gets yellow
  • over the limit: column gets red

sad_filledRoom for improvement

  • (browser only, not available in mobile app)
  • Number of cards only 


  • Price: free
  • OS: Chrome






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