Kanbanchi – Nice alternative to Trello or LeanKit

Kanban tool that integrates with google apps and comes with some nice features. If you can do without time tracking it can be an alternative to Trello of LeanKit.

Private Personal Kanban

Privately I organise everything by using Personal Kanban: trainings, courses, studies, reading, blogging, research, sports, … I have a big wall that serves me as a physical kanban board but I actually prefer digital boards. I used LeanKit a few years, then switched to Trello some time ago. Unfortunately it is not possible to use one of these tools at work and so I had to search for alternatives.

Kanban at Work


I tested Sordt: It is a nice tool to organise your emails but it is not possible to have multiple boards (and workflows) and that´s why I stopped using it. (btw: I now use ActiveInbox for my emails but it´s not a kanban tool)


First I was not expecting too much from Kanbanchi. Meanwhile I slowly get accustomed to it and even recommend it to my colleagues.

cool_filledWhat I like about Kanbanchi

  • Fold columns: This is a feature i miss in Trello especially when using larger boards
  • WIP limit
  • Column & Board description: Very handy when collaborating with team members! I use it to store important links, checklists and to provide little help texts that explain how this column (status in the workflow) should be used, … This would also be a handy feature for Trello.
  • Tabs: Multiple boards can be opened what makes it very easy to move cards between boards.
  • Set card colours independent from tags
  • Done checkbox
  • Links to cards
  • Time estimates can be entered easily eg: 2d 3h
  • Filter

sad_filledWhat I dislike or miss about Kanbanchi

  • Estimate is not shown (you have to open the card to see it)
  • Estimates only allow time (no point estimation)
  • What annoys me most: No time tracking, burndown chart etc. I miss the Trello Plus features!
  • Checklist items have to be entered one by one. I miss this Trello feature!
  • Links to cards open a new browser window instead of jumping to the card directly
  • When editing the description you have to save what caused me sometimes data loss
  • No horizontal swim lanes: not a must feature but handy for collaboration or organising multiple small projects.
  • Not possible to save filter
  • no mobile app


Facts about Kanbanchi

  • Price: Free
  • OS: Webapp for various browsers
  • Integration with google apps

popular_topic_filledRating Kanbanchi

Well I will not switch to Kanbanchi privately but for now I am pretty satisfied with it at work.




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Have fun!

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