Das is mal eine nette Idee: eine Gebrauchsanweisung für die Führungskraft 🙂 Sollte jeder Mitarbeiter eine Gebrauchsanweisung haben …?    

I am not a big fan of the wordpress app for iPad and somehow I can not manage to connect other editors. Well, I’m now trying something new: posting via Google Keep. It is maybe not perfect but still something that could be handy on the go 🙂 More:

A nice website that helps to plan a sprint retrospective:

Wow! That was a great one: not only that one can learn something, it is also fun to read and one can even read it several times. I would really appreciate it more authors would write books like is one!

How can the smell of the place be made visible? This workshop tool can help: Want success? Change your smell of the place! See also The Smell of The Place

Is your scrum still alive? A nice analyse of the state of scrum has been posted on the blog. Here are the key points: Symptoms of Zombie Scrum #1: No beating heart #2: No (desire for) contact with the outside world #3: No emotional response to success or failure #4: No drive to improve… Read Article →

Interesting talk on company culture The key points Constraint versus Stretch Compliance versus Discipline Control versus Support Contract versus Trust Project versus Product Planning versus Prognoses Commitment versus Forecast Resources versus People Found here: Zombie Scrum – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment See also: Zombie Scrum Smell-O-Meter

Really a nice little (132 pages) book. A useful and inspiring summary of concepts to master your goals such as Word of the year Ideation, Brainstorming, SMART Goal setting Pareto principle, Prioritizing and doing less Planning the day and habits PRESENT morning routine (similar to the TMM SAVERS) Claire Diaz-Ortiz summarises her framework in the akronym DO… Read Article →

Framework introduced in the book Design your Day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz. It stands for: D – Design O – Organise L – Limit your work (Pareto) E – Edit your time spent S – Streamline S – Stop working More The Do Less Method

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