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I really feel the need for a mentor so I thought it might be interesting to read a book about mentoring. Fortunately this one is again a Business-Novel (or Fable) which is especially nice for this specific topic. Also a nice feature: at the end of each chapter the main questions for each side (mentor,… Read Article →

Found pretty nice calendar ruler @Thalia. They are perfect for small Burn Down Charts or Project Plans:

Interessanter Akrtikel Jede Vorgehensweise wurde f├╝r eine bestimmte Situation entwickelt. Ich w├╝rde die Benutzungsreihenfolge so definieren: Design Thinking –> Scrum –> Verbesserungs-Kata. Mit Design Thinking erarbeite ich mit k├╝nftigen Nutzern eine Idee, wie eine gute L├Âsung ├╝berhaupt aussehen soll. Es gibt einen oder ein paar Workshops und dann h├Ârt Design Thinking wieder auf. Mit Scrum… Read Article →

Wow need to try Butler for Trello. Looks very interesting!

With this we can create reoccuring tasks in Trello. I prefer using IFTTT for this but this seems to be a nice alternative.

Track your progress┬áwith the goal setting App Raise the Bar Raise the Bar I like goodreads reading challenge a lot. I can set my goal such as read 52 books in 2016. The it will show me my progress in percent. Simple but very effective. I wanted to track my other goals in the same… Read Article →

Detect Impediments Instead of asking the question directly to the team, it can be better to ask it in a different way. For example: How confident are we that we will achieve our sprint goals? How can we go faster? When the team answers the first question, pay attention to the following key words: I… Read Article →

Recently I’ve been asked why I have so many bookmarks in my book ­čÖé Here’s why … #1 The “Doing” Bookmark This is the traditional bookmark telling you where you stopped reading. #2 The “ToDo” Bookmark This is the motivational – goal setting – bookmark. It marks the end of the current chapter or the… Read Article →

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