Again another morning routine 🙂 This time it is an idea of Claire Diaz-Ortiz. It reminds me somehow about Hal Elrods SAVERS. P = Pray (pause, peace) R = Read E = Express S = Schedule E = Exercise N = Nourish T = Track More: PRESENT

Thomas Mangold hat wiedermal was interessantes gepostet: die Ive Lee Methode zur Tagesplanung für Minimalisten. Nehmen Sie ein leeres Blatt Papier und schreiben sie 6 Punkte darauf, die Sie morgen erledigen wollen. Es dürfen aber eben maximal 6 Punkte sein. Reihen Sie diese 6 Punkte nach Wichtigkeit. Am nächsten Morgen arbeiten Sie diese Liste von… Read Article →

If we need user interface design in our project we have to figure out how to organise it. Here´s a nice summary on the options Run the design team in Kanban and the rest of the teams in Scrum.  Run all teams in Scrum. Run UX and Look and Feel as a separate project.

„Es braucht immer drei Sprints.“ Ein frisch zusammengestelltes Team braucht immer drei Sprints, bis es stabil performt. In diesen drei Sprints muss dafür gesorgt werden, dass das Umfeld und das Team konstant bleiben. Immer. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, zurück auf Start.

Heres an Idea I just had about an activity for a scrum retrospective. Lately I handed out a one pager on the 7 wastes in development. I planned to introduce it again later but wasn´t quite sure how. I think that might work: Print/write each of the seven wastes on a sheet of paper. Then let every… Read Article →

Easy to read and full of interesting stuff 🙂 The Weekly Coaching Conversation: A Business Fable about Taking Your Team’s Performance-And Your Career-To the Next Level  by Brian Souza

Again I try to figure out what format the blog should have. Also which theme is best suited for it. I reeeaaaallly liked the old one but I found it hard to quickly find something. I want to use the blog more for storing digital notes about interesting nuggets (small pieces of information). Also my… Read Article →

In einem Kloster lebte ein alter Meister, der jeden Tag seine Andacht hielt. Da er nun mehrfach in seiner Andacht von einer Katze gestört wurde, befahl er, die Katze während seiner Andacht anzubinden. Einige Jahre später starb der alte Meister und ein neuer Meister nahm seinen Platz ein. Die Katze wurde weiter während der Andacht… Read Article →

Some part of the organization needs to facilitate the manual orchestration at this stage of the transformation.

Waste identified in software development: Unnecessary code or functionality Starting more than can be completed Delay in the software development process Unclear or constantly changing requirements Slow or ineffective communication Partially done work Defects and quality issues Task switching

Short guide on how to measure your scrum implementation and excel sheets to download:

Strugling with “complexity” vs. “effort” or how to really apply story point estimation? Heres a nice article about it: Excerpt: If Story Points = fun(Effort) and Effort = fun(Size, Complexity), then Story Points = fun(Size, Complexity) Effort 5 An extremely large story Too large to be estimated accurately A definite contender to be broken… Read Article →

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