Effective Procrastination? The good side of not doing what you planned Lately I struggled with procrastination and this was pretty unusual and I felt bad about it. But you know what? After giving it a thought I came to the conclusion that I am really productive while procrastinating … It´s just that I make effort on… Read Article →

“Agile” veranschaulichen? So geht´s! Sehr cooler Artikel! Seit einigen Jahren verwenden wir für unsere Organisationsentwicklungsprojekte agile Methoden. Ganz am Anfang eines Projekts möchten wir als externe Berater den Projektteilnehmern im Kundenunternehmen den Grundsatz “rasche Feedback-Zyklen statt eines perfekten Projektplans” nahe bringen. Die besten Erfahrungen haben wir dabei mit einem Spiel gemacht, das die Besonderheiten dieses… Read Article →

Searching for the right tool to support your activities? Here´s a list off 99 tools covering Project Management, Self Management, Time Management, Blogging and more … Source: 99 Insanely Useful Resources for Freelancers

Want to implement change in your daily life? Try mini habits! Find here resources on how to do it step by step … Resources on Habits Audible The Spirit of Kaizen by Bob Maurer, Leigh Ann Hirschman Change by Design by Tim Brown The Shibumi Strategy by Matthew E. May Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy The Kaizen Way to Success by Robert Maurer… Read Article →

After reading an articles about Scrumban here a few notes &  key points on kanban, scrum, roles, boards and meetings Scrumban Notes Kanban from concept to cash WIP limits pull incredibly simple, incredibly powerful Scrum Sprints Sprint Backlog: forecast not commitment intrinsic motivation daily standup estimations DoD Roles Product Owner: just-in-time supply of stories in the kanban backlog… Read Article →

Complete this sentence: “We can’t (describe the target process) because ________.” Following the word “because,” read the obstacle verbatim. Read exactly what it says on the obstacle parking lot. Word for word. Source: TOYOTA KATA: IS THAT REALLY AN OBSTACLE?

• Small Is Best – Time, Scope and Team • Clear Requirements • Regular Planning • Regular Reviews • Regular Improvement • A Cross Functional Self Organising Team • Quality Is Key • Regular Releases Source: Is It Possible To Be Agile Without Using Scrum? –

The 4 R’s of DevOps: Reliable, Repeatable, Rapid, Return-on-Investment For example, if I have a client who wishes to rapidly have an application with the ability for Continuous Deployment, I advise them to take the absolute smallest application they have because it’s going to have to go through the longest and largest set of pipeline activities…. Read Article →

Podcast Tip!  Agile Answers by Adam Weisbart found   Have fun & be curious! Liked that posting!? Then please help others to find it too and share before you leave 😉 Thank you!

… can be found here 11 Essential Trello Integrations That Make Your Job Easier (en) or here Nützliche Erweiterungen für Trello (ger).

Question of the day! ;-D What is the smallest thing you can think of that is likely to have a positive impact our worklife? Two rules: It must not cost anything (manpower can be involved but no “real” expenditures like actually “buying” something) It needs to somehow benefit our customers (internal or external) Source: The Spirit… Read Article →

After listening to The Phoenix Project once again I´m pretty interested in the details of the DevOps concept. I found a cool article to start out. It mentions all relevant terms and gives a brief description. DevOps Terms • Agile • DevOps • Continuous Delivery • Continuous Integration • Microservices • Release Orchestration • Provisioning •… Read Article →

Book Tip! The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win Autor: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford @Audible 4 Stars Behind the scenes: What I Learned: The Phoenix Project Audiobook By Robyn Crummer-Olson

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