How can we use the Ishikawa (Fishbone) Diagram in Software Development. Here´s a summary. The Ishikawa diagram Fish Bone Analysis For Root Cause Analysis in Software Testing Very nice paper giving hands-on and step by step advice on how to do a root cause analysis using the Ishikawa diagram. When to use Ishikawa diagram Focus… Read Article →

An agile coach can take on various roles. Here are a few Lyssa Adkins mentioned in her book about agile coaching. Roles of an Agile Coach Facilitator Teacher Coach-Mentor Conflict Navigator Collaboration Conductor Problem Solver Source: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

  Quotes & TakeAways Here are a few quotes and take aways. This is not a summary or review … just what I personally might want to use in the future. When to use Storytelling Storytelling Step by Step Want more? Check out my Instagram or Twitter account!

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