Plus for Trello – Time Tracking & Burndown Charts for Trello

Time tracking was horrible. Everything I tried was very unsatisfying! Then I found the best Trello addon ever! A must for time management freaks using Trello.

Full control over your time with Plus for Trello

Yes, again an article about Plus for Trello. Last time I very briefly recommended this great chrome app but this app is too cool so I have to tell you more!

For my studies I feel the need to estimate my assignements and tasks and track the time spent. This then gives me an input for estimating the next assignements of the same type. Of course I could also use a point system. I use point systems for other types of work and when it comes to learning I prefer time estimation. The estimations provide a goal, motivate me to go for it and afterwards it makes me happy to see what I have accomplished.

I used workarounds for a long time: Evernote journals, IF (formerly IFTTT), Google Spreadsheets, time tracking tools, etc … Everything I tried was very unsattisfying! Then I found Plus for Trello and my life became a lot simpler at once!

cool_filledWhy I love Plus for Trello

  • Estimate using time or story points
  • Track time directly out of a card: click on the button and the timer starts
  • Add entries without timer (
  • Comment entries
  • Edit estimation (set to 0 at the end)
  • Burndown charts: I am only one click away from my graphical overview about time estimated and spent
  • All relevant information visible in the board
  • More detailed reports with a lot of possibilities to filter, group, order by, …
  • (can be used parallel with Scrum for Trello)
  • … well, everything! 😀

sad_filledThis could still be improved at Plus for Trello

  • Sprints: Everything is tracked weekly. So if you want to start your sprint for example every Wednesday you have to find workarounds and you cannot use all the features properly.
  • Manually closing and opening sprints
  • Burdownchart: switch between current week/sprint and overall effort
  • not available in the iOS app
  • (chrome only)

puzzleFacts about Plus for Trello

  • Price: Free
  • OS: Chrome

popular_topic_filledRating Plus for Trello

So cool!



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May Plus for Trello be with you!

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