Scrum for Trello – Balance Your Workload using Story Points

Missing story points in Trello? Here´s your app: Scrum for Trello add this feature to your boards. If you don´t know what story points are I´ll give you a brief introduction.

Bad at estimating time?
Use Story Points with Scrum for Trello!

Trello has no possibility to add story points. This chrome app adds the feature.

What the heck are Story Points?

As people are very bad at estimating time needed for completing a task estimating by story points is the alternative recommended by the scrum community. The idea behind it is to look at a collection of tasks and estimate the relative effort needed to complete them.

Scrum for Trello

Actually privately I use mostly time estimates. For some tasks or workflows at work I would prefer points but unfortunately Kanbanchi does not provide this feature. Well, I still like to have that feature for some of my boards …

Not let´s get back to Scrum for Trello and my findings so far …

cool_filledCool features

  • Define your own scale
  • Visible in the board (not only in the card)

Default Scale


Customizing the Scale

sad_filledRoom for improvement

  • Consumed point do not add up / update automatically


  • Price: Free
  • OS: Chrome app




Just started to use the app so more details might follow.


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May the story point be with you!

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