Scrum Master One-on-One Session

As a Scrum Master I like schedule a ca. 15 minute one-on-one (O3s) with every team member once in every 1-2 sprints. I experimented with different setups and questions in the past. This is the setup I currently feel comfortable with:

Sprint-ly O3s

The Setup

  • I try to find a silent, “informal” place, that is not a meeting room. In our office we have a little indoor balcony with some bar tables that is usually unused. It is quite perfect. Another idea is to go outside in summer to sit in the sun in front of the office.
  • Before the O3 I take a look at the notes from the last O3.
  • At the beginning of the session I remember the team member that this is a confidential conversation.

The Questions

  1. What is on your mind (right now)? or What is your (personal) main challenge at the moment?
  2. How was the sprint so far (for you personally)?
  3. How is the collaboration with the rest of the team?
    (Or, if there is an issue with a specific team member:
    How is the collaboration with X?)
  4. If the retro would be tomorrow: What would be your main points for discussion/improvement?


  • During the session I take visual notes (sketchnotes) on a sheet of paper that is visible to the other person. Some team members like to draw something on the paper themselves.
  • Right after the O3 I take additional 5 minutes to take further notes about my observations and impressions.

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