Scrum Master Recruiting

How to find a Scrum Master? Not the easiest task. Here´s some help:

[…] if I have need to help find a ScrumMaster for a team, I look for skills like these (again, these are partly taken from Essential Scrum):

  • Knowledgeable — but not a Know-It-All

  • Questioning — someone who can ask valuable questions while keeping in mind that the purpose is to derive the solution

  • Patient — since patience is the key to many solutions

  • A good facilitator — which will quickly show itself through the quality of the ceremonies conducted

  • Transparent — someone who does not believe in keeping things to himself or herself but who empowers team to make decisions

  • A behind-the-scenes worker — a person who believes in providing value over being in the limelight, with a natural instinct to protect the team and not participate in blame-games

  • A people-person — someone who takes everyone along toward the achievement of the sprint goal; such people are able to become change agents

“Real ScrumMasters” #scrum

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