Scrum Retro with 7 wastes

Heres an Idea I just had about an activity for a scrum retrospective.

Lately I handed out a one pager on the 7 wastes in development. I planned to introduce it again later but wasn´t quite sure how.

I think that might work:

  • Print/write each of the seven wastes on a sheet of paper.
  • Then let every team member pick one of the sheets.
  • Now every team member writes down examples for the type of waste they picked for about 3 minutes, then rotate until youre done.

… sure: if the team size is not exactly seven one might need to think about something to make it work: adding an additional relevant question, including PO and/or SM into the rotation, have someone “pause” and do sth else/summarize/answer again/ …?)

Well, this is a very spontaneous post presenting an unrefined idea. What do you think?

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