After reading an articles about Scrumban here a few notes &  key points on kanban, scrum, roles, boards and meetings

Scrumban Notes


  • from concept to cash
  • WIP limits
  • pull
  • incredibly simple, incredibly powerful


  • Sprints
  • Sprint Backlog: forecast not commitment
  • intrinsic motivation
  • daily standup
  • estimations
  • DoD


  • Product Owner: just-in-time supply of stories in the kanban backlog


Product Backlog

  • WIP limit of 5 stories
  • WTB (weekly time box) for analysing stories
  • On demand prioritization


  • min WIP limit (1)
  • define tasks needed to complete story


  • columns should suit teams needs
  • max WIP limit


  • daily standup
  • WTB (weekly time box):
    4h for demo, last week retrospective, workitem preview (incl. estimation S, M, L)

Framework vs Method

  • Framework: Tools & Contstraints
  • Method: description how to use them

Source: Scrumban

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