Drawing on iPad with Autodesk SketchBook

I loved to use Adobe Ideas for creating illustrations on my iPad. Unfortunately  the app has been replaced by Adobe Draw and is not working on my device anymore 🙁 thumbs_downEven worse: I can´t use Adobe Draw! This app is working technically … but it´s not working for me: essential features are missing, undo is uncool and I just can´t handle it. Sorry Adobe, but I had to search for an alternative.

Autodesk SketchBook

After trying a few free tools and doing some research I´m currently testing Autodesk SketchBook it seems likely that I will stick to it 😀 I started with the free version that seemed to match my most important criteria: layers, color picker, inserting pictures and transforming layers (size, rotation, …). I then upgraded to the pro version because I wanted to have more layers and was very positively surprised: it is definitely easy to handle and came with some features I haven´t even expected.

So here are now my findings …

cool_filledCool features

  • Many layers
  • Color picker
  • insert images
  • Cool: insert text!
  • various sharing options
  • deviant art integration

There´s clearly a lot more to figure out for me. From what I can see I haven´t only scratched the surface of what is possible. Luckily even if it seems to offer a looot of features, the handling is very intuitive and it was easy to start drawing right away.

sad_filledRoom for improvement

Maybe I haven´t figured out yet …

  • color picker for choosing text color


  • Price: Basic version is free, Pro costs € 4,99
  • OS: iOS, …


Well, I´m using the app only a few days now (see) so it´s to early to do a final rating. From today´s point of view it seems to be a very good choice as the app offers a lot more features than I had expected. Also the ~€5 seem to have paid off. So currently 4 Gearwheels while I´m still testing 😉 … let´s see what the future will reveal …


4 Gearwheels


More test & reviews

May inspiration be with you!

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