Story Points … again

Strugling with “complexity” vs. “effort” or how to really apply story point estimation?

Heres a nice article about it:


If Story Points = fun(Effort) and Effort = fun(Size, Complexity), then Story Points = fun(Size, Complexity)


An extremely large story
Too large to be estimated accurately
A definite contender to be broken down into a set of smaller stories
May be a candidate for separation into a new project

A very small story representing tiny effort level
It may take a few hours of work


Extremely complex task
Multiple dependencies on other stories or systems
Requires a skill set that is missing in the team but important
Story is difficult to accurately describe
Many unknowns
May require high level of refactoring
Extensive research required
Requires difficult judgment calls
Story implementation might have significant impact outside its scope

Very straightforward
Crystal-clear technical and business requirements
No unknowns
No research required; jump directly at task
Basic programming skills required
Effects of the story are confined to the story itself

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