Strategies for Lifelong Learners, Distance Learning Students and Everyone Else

Lifelong learning is my passion so it rarely happens that I do not learn for some course alongside work. To make this happen I needed to adopt strategies to organise my life and to learn efficiently and effectively.

A key element of staying motivated is for me what I call eduPDCA which I described a little bit here. To sum it up: the system is constantly evolving and learning strategies are continuously tested and improved.

What do I mean by learning strategies?

It comprises everything that makes it possible to work full time and study/learn during my private time: tools, methods, mindsets, lifehacks, … everything.

Two critical tools are inspiration for new experiments and reflection about what works and what not. And that is where this blog and especially this post comes into play: Reflecting about learning strategies by sharing them 🙂

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This blog is a digital memory for me. I store nuggets of information, ideas and resources on these pages so that I can access and share them easily at any time, from everywhere. I always felt a strong passion for continuous improvement and that is why I am now super happy to be a professional Scrum Master. Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management, Coaching, Learning and Self Management are my passions and that is also what my blog is about ...

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