Summer Reading List 2016

booksHere´s my reading list for this summer
comprising books on Scrum, Kanban, Change Management and Leadership

In general I tend to decide rather spontaneously what book I will read / listen to next. I get inspiration out of other books, recommendations in podcasts or even by using the audible or amazon feature. I have two backlogs in audible and amazon where I chose my next book from. If I can still not decide I search reading lists on google. So to plan in advance what I will read during the next weeks is rather unusual for me.

Summer is a little bit different: In summer I have more time to read and as I enjoy lying in the sun I prefer to have a few paper made books: they are more resistent because they don´t need power and don´t mind about water and heat.

Via amazon it is very cheap to buy used books but shipping takes long so its better to order early.

So here´s my current reading list for this summer

(no audiobooks inculded!)

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Liked that posting?
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