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A nice read for Scrum Masters and agile coaches. Here are a few quotes and take aways 🙂 Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins I generally liked the book although some chapters seemed to me veeery long and I had the feeling that I would never come to the end. Would I recommend it? Well,… Read Article →

Book Rated @Goodreads! < p style=”text-align: center;”>More book recommendations? Please visit my profile at goodreads: < p style=”text-align: center;”>Liked that posting? Help others to find it by sharing!

Make every day the best day of your life by starting your day with Hal Elrods SAVERs. The Book A cool book about morning routines and habits. The key idea is to start every morning with 6 habits called the SAVERs: S – Silence A – Affirmations V – Visualization E – Exercise R – Reading… Read Article →

After reading an articles about Scrumban here a few notes &  key points on kanban, scrum, roles, boards and meetings Scrumban Notes Kanban from concept to cash WIP limits pull incredibly simple, incredibly powerful Scrum Sprints Sprint Backlog: forecast not commitment intrinsic motivation daily standup estimations DoD Roles Product Owner: just-in-time supply of stories in the kanban backlog… Read Article →

Simple but useful: With the Web Clipper for Trello you can easily create cards while surfing. Create cards out of Chrome with Web Clipper for Trello Just an ordinary – and very useful – web clipper. I really like it when I do some research. Hint: If you need a clipper for your emails watch out… Read Article →

Kanban tool that integrates with google apps and comes with some nice features. If you can do without time tracking it can be an alternative to Trello of LeanKit. Private Personal Kanban Privately I organise everything by using Personal Kanban: trainings, courses, studies, reading, blogging, research, sports, … I have a big wall that serves… Read Article →

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