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A nice website that helps to plan a sprint retrospective:

Wow! That was a great one: not only that one can learn something, it is also fun to read and one can even read it several times. I would really appreciate it more authors would write books like is one!

Easy to read and full of interesting stuff 🙂 The Weekly Coaching Conversation: A Business Fable about Taking Your Team’s Performance-And Your Career-To the Next Level  by Brian Souza

  Check these cool tools for Gmail, Google Calendar and more! Make life easy 🙂 Checker Plus Chrome Extentions As I use Gmail and the Google Calendar all day long (work & private life) in chrome browser these tools are really useful. Cool features Sit in the browser with other extentions and are therefore visible all… Read Article →

Gamify your ToDo List You need a little bit motivation to get your tasks done? Try to make a game of it! Habitica might be the right tool for you 🙂 I really love Trello. Still I also tried various tools for daily tasks and habits. There are indeed cool habit forming tools out there… Read Article →

    Portable Reading Light Eventually after grappling with other very unsatisfying products I have now found “my” tool! Thank you moleskine! 🙂 … I really don´t know why it took me – a devoted moleskine fan – so long to turn to your product in that specific case ^^ 5 Stars Highly recommended! Moleskine… Read Article →

Great book! Short & tells you exactly what you need to know 🙂 5 Stars @Amazon: Agile Estimation Practices – Demystifying Story Points (English Edition) eBook: John Donovan: Kindle Store

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