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depending on the team maturity a scrum master need to choose the right leadership style   More: The Situational Leadership Model 

I recently started to practices my visualisation skills using the Bikalbo 1 book. So I created some drawings for my next Scrum Introduction workshop to discuss the scrum roles:

Check out my new experiement! Cram cards with concepts and quotes from books related to agile software development and project managment: Worklife | Agile & Co The deck is continuously growing, so more is to come!

Sehr interessanter Beitrag. Klaus: Die eigentliche Formel zu Little’s Law lautet L = λ×W, aber wir verwenden DLZ=WIP/DS (DLZ: Durchlaufzeit; DS: Durchsatz). Worin liegt der Unterschied bzw. was sind die Konsequenzen daraus? Dan: Eigentlich sind beide Formeln legitime Definitionen von Little’s Law, wenn man davon ausgeht, dass die Beziehung von Durchschnittswerten betrachtet wird. Der Unterschied liegt in… Read Article →

That is a really usefull book! Here´s the website with the different categories: “Game categories”

Inspired by Mary Poppendiecks article on compensations systems   More interesting articles on this topic: Agile Performance Appraisals How to Reward Agile Teams Compensation Systems For Agile Teams COMPENSATION STRATEGIES FOR AGILE TEAMS Performance Management Using Scrum A Radical but Effective Way to Build Self-Organizing Teams

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