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What does a Coach do?  > asks powerful questions, > actively listens with an open mind, > reflects back > challenges thinking, > helps the coachee look at their blind spots, > establishes clarity of thoughts/objectives, and > holds coachee accountable to act towards their desired future. Source: The Scrum Master as a Coach

“The first flawed assumption is that it is possible to plan such a large project The second flawed assumption is that it is possible to protect against late changes. The third flawed assumption is that it even makes sense to lock in big projects early.” Source: The roots of agile project management

Sources: Ball Point Game BALL POINT GAME Feel the Scrum Flow @BorisGloger The Ball Point Game by Scrumology in Newsletter Articles Agile Games – ball point game by Kelly Waters Ball Point Game Ball Point Game – Introducing Agile By The Fun Way Learning Scrum through the Ball Point Game BALL POINT GAME Coaching Scrum with… Read Article →

Ressources with activities for retrospectives. Websites Retromat and Retromat Agile Strides Activities Team Radar Scrum Master is on Vacation! How do we do the Retrospective now :-O Retrospective Activity: The 4 Ls … for more see also Retrosectives Books Retrospektiven – kurz & gut by Rolf Dräther Game Storming More Retrosective Activities  

As a Scrum Master Teaching is one of my responsibilities. This is a micro teaching format that I want to experiment with. Agile15 Format It is mainly about selecting small pieces of knowledge and doing a weekly micro presentation. The presentation should only last 10 – 15 minutes. Ideally 10 minutes plus 5 minutes of questions… Read Article →

depending on the team maturity a scrum master need to choose the right leadership style   More: The Situational Leadership Model 

I recently started to practices my visualisation skills using the Bikalbo 1 book. So I created some drawings for my next Scrum Introduction workshop to discuss the scrum roles:

Check out my new experiement! Cram cards with concepts and quotes from books related to agile software development and project managment: Worklife | Agile & Co The deck is continuously growing, so more is to come!

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