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As a Scrum Master I like schedule a ca. 15 minute one-on-one (O3s) with every team member once in every 1-2 sprints. I experimented with different setups and questions in the past. This is the setup I currently feel comfortable with: Sprint-ly O3s The Setup I try to find a silent, “informal” place, that is… Read Article →

An agile coach can take on various roles. Here are a few Lyssa Adkins mentioned in her book about agile coaching. Roles of an Agile Coach Facilitator Teacher Coach-Mentor Conflict Navigator Collaboration Conductor Problem Solver Source: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

What does a Coach do?  > asks powerful questions, > actively listens with an open mind, > reflects back > challenges thinking, > helps the coachee look at their blind spots, > establishes clarity of thoughts/objectives, and > holds coachee accountable to act towards their desired future. Source: The Scrum Master as a Coach

What are the Top 10 Traits of An Agile Coach? I found an article with a list … Hands-On Scrum and Agile Experience Experience as a Developer Application of XP & Technical Practices Lean Thinker Continuous Improvement Change Agent / OCM Expert Excellent Listening Skills Emotional Intelligence Unconditional Positive Regard for Others Uses Agile Mindset… Read Article →

How to become a master at asking questions? In the book The Coaching Habit 8 lessons are mentioned to master this art. Question Habits After I´ve asked a question Instead of adding another question I will be quiet while I wait for the answer When I´ve got a question to ask Instead of explaining it… Read Article →

In her nice little book about how to become a great scrum master, Zuzana Šochová, shares with us her favorite coaching questions. Powerful Questions What would you like to achieve/change/get? What is important to you now? What would your perfect Standup look like? What is working well? What progress have you made so far? What would… Read Article →

depending on the team maturity a scrum master need to choose the right leadership style   More: The Situational Leadership Model 

Check out my new experiement! Cram cards with concepts and quotes from books related to agile software development and project managment: Worklife | Agile & Co The deck is continuously growing, so more is to come!

Unterschiede zwischen Coaching & Training Coaching: Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe als Ziel Training: Anleitung zum Auf- und Ausbau spezifischer Verhaltensweisen Coaching-Report – Coaching-Report

10 abilities and mind-sets prevalent in people who have native wiring for coaching   read a room care about people cultivate curiosity people are basically good know that plans fall apart thirst for learning group of people can do good things low tolerance for institutional reasons disequilibrium is essential risk being wrong Found in: Coaching… Read Article →

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