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Useful tool to discuss decisions, viewpoints and to investigate conflict situations. Scales of Agreement Method Overview     Cards I was not quite satisfied with the cards provided on the meeting facilitation site [1] so I did a little bit of research and that it what I came up with: ScaleOfAgreement_de+en Source Coaching & Beratung by… Read Article →

In HBR on Teams one article gives us 4 strategies to handle cultural problems in teams. Heres a short summary of the key points. 4 Cultural differences that can cause destructive conflicts There’s no one right way to tackle multicultural problems. But understanding four barriers to team success can help you begin evaluating possible responses…. Read Article →

Knowing about Leas 5 Level of Conflict is a good start. But then what? In the posting Navigating the Five Levels of Conflict – The Agile Way I found something that might help. Conflict Strategies Here a few key points mentioned in the article: First, Do Nothing “Everything you do for the group is one less thing… Read Article →

A nice read for Scrum Masters and agile coaches. Here are a few quotes and take aways 🙂 Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins I generally liked the book although some chapters seemed to me veeery long and I had the feeling that I would never come to the end. Would I recommend it? Well,… Read Article →

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