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In HBR on Teams one article gives us 4 strategies to handle cultural problems in teams. Heres a short summary of the key points. 4 Cultural differences that can cause destructive conflicts There’s no one right way to tackle multicultural problems. But understanding four barriers to team success can help you begin evaluating possible responses…. Read Article →

Is your scrum still alive? A nice analyse of the state of scrum has been posted on the blog. Here are the key points: Symptoms of Zombie Scrum #1: No beating heart #2: No (desire for) contact with the outside world #3: No emotional response to success or failure #4: No drive to improve… Read Article →

Interesting talk on company culture The key points Constraint versus Stretch Compliance versus Discipline Control versus Support Contract versus Trust Project versus Product Planning versus Prognoses Commitment versus Forecast Resources versus People Found here: Zombie Scrum – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment See also: Zombie Scrum Smell-O-Meter

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