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In Kanban the number of work items in progress is limited. So what should we do if tight WIP-Limits and blocked work items impede the flow of work? Here are two approaches suggested by David J. Anderson in his book about Kanban. How to Handle Blocked Work Items Kanban systems bring visibility to problems and… Read Article →

Japanese words for small and big changes to the better. Kaikaku huge change radical breakthrough happens only from time to time difficult creates a lot of resistance Kaizen small evolutionary and incremental improvement Source The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay by Zuzana Šochová

Definition of “Kaizen Culture” in one sentence. A workplace culture where the entire workforce is focussed on continually improving quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction is known as a “kaizen culture”. A few characteristics: workforce is empowered Individuals feel free to take actions, and implement fixes and improvements management is tolerant to failure if the experimentation… Read Article →

Want to implement change in your daily life? Try mini habits! Find here resources on how to do it step by step … Resources on Habits Audible The Spirit of Kaizen by Bob Maurer, Leigh Ann Hirschman Change by Design by Tim Brown The Shibumi Strategy by Matthew E. May Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy The Kaizen Way to Success by Robert Maurer… Read Article →

Question of the day! ;-D What is the smallest thing you can think of that is likely to have a positive impact our worklife? Two rules: It must not cost anything (manpower can be involved but no “real” expenditures like actually “buying” something) It needs to somehow benefit our customers (internal or external) Source: The Spirit… Read Article →

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