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Sehr interessanter Beitrag. Klaus: Die eigentliche Formel zu Little’s Law lautet L = λ×W, aber wir verwenden DLZ=WIP/DS (DLZ: Durchlaufzeit; DS: Durchsatz). Worin liegt der Unterschied bzw. was sind die Konsequenzen daraus? Dan: Eigentlich sind beide Formeln legitime Definitionen von Little’s Law, wenn man davon ausgeht, dass die Beziehung von Durchschnittswerten betrachtet wird. Der Unterschied liegt in… Read Article →

Need a cumulative flow diagram for trello? Here´s a plugin: Found:

How much time do you spend on public transportation, queueing? For busy learners every minute counts. That´s why it is important to be aware of potential learning situation and to always be ready. How? Let´s see … Are you ready for the next learning session? Last time I did a rather detailed planning of my tasks. I… Read Article →

Recently I’ve been asked why I have so many bookmarks in my book 🙂 Here’s why … #1 The “Doing” Bookmark This is the traditional bookmark telling you where you stopped reading. #2 The “ToDo” Bookmark This is the motivational – goal setting – bookmark. It marks the end of the current chapter or the… Read Article →

Testing Targetprocess as self hosted alternative for Trello It is summer what means I have more “slack”-time available to test out new things. For this weekend my calendar says “Big Summer Planning”. So I thought before I start out to do this I will prepare a new environment to test a new tool: Targetprocess! I really… Read Article →

Here´s my reading list for this summer comprising books on Scrum, Kanban, Change Management and Leadership In general I tend to decide rather spontaneously what book I will read / listen to next. I get inspiration out of other books, recommendations in podcasts or even by using the audible or amazon feature. I have two backlogs… Read Article →

How to burndown the scrumban book with Trello ;-D Just playing around with the book, Trello and Plus for Trello to track reading effort with a burdown chart and take notes on each chapter 🙂                     Liked that posting? Help others to find it by sharing!

After reading an articles about Scrumban here a few notes &  key points on kanban, scrum, roles, boards and meetings Scrumban Notes Kanban from concept to cash WIP limits pull incredibly simple, incredibly powerful Scrum Sprints Sprint Backlog: forecast not commitment intrinsic motivation daily standup estimations DoD Roles Product Owner: just-in-time supply of stories in the kanban backlog… Read Article →

Getting distracted in huge Trello boards? Don´t want do scroll endlessly? Try this chrome app for Trello: Trellists: Trello Lists Master In a recent post I complained about a feature I missed in Trello: the possibility to fold or collapse lists. In huge boards this would be really useful. Now I found an app that… Read Article →

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