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What kind of timer should you use for your pomodoro learning day? This might help you to get it right. The pomodoro technique is a great way to get really, really a lot done and have fun with it. Before we can start we have to choose a timer … which seems to be straight forward,… Read Article →

Experimenting Experiencing Imagining Reflecting Analysing Thinking Deciding Acting Balancing Source: HBR Guide to Coaching Employees

Variation of Eisenhower. Categorizing: Do it now (important + short) Delay it = Schedule (important + long) … only alowed once! Delegate it Dump it source:

Tomorrow in the morning I start a 3 day learning challenge and in general I have to do a whole lot until 18.4.. I like to use a scrumish way of organising my work so I splitted all my assignments (deliverables) I need to submit until 18.4. into small tasks and estimated them in storypoints… Read Article →

Two very good audio courses to start learning japanese: Pimsleur versus Michel Thomas courses on audible. How to start speaking Japanese with Audible! I am an absolute beginner and want to focus on learning to speek japanese. I deliverately pospone reading and writing. Some time ago I listened to the Michel Thomas Beginner Japanese Lessons… Read Article →

Wie sieht Lean und Six Sigma Praxis aus? Heute stelle ich einige Quellen vor wo mit Erfahrungsberichten, Videos und Interviews Einblicke in die tägliche Umsetzung von Methoden, wie beispielsweise Toyota Kata, gewährt werden. Einblicke in die Praxis der Lean Six Sigma Welt Gemba Academy Podcast by Ron Pereira Podcast-Tipp: Gemma Academy! Bei Ron Pereira plaudert das Who´s Who… Read Article →

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