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I based the activity on the Perfection Game and asked the participants to build a Lego model of their production process that would score 10 points out of 10. After everyone described their models we put together the emerging common themes  on the flip chart paper. The next task for the team was to decide what actions would be… Read Article →

one more including the etiquette: Playcamp – Lego Serious Play from Sean Blair Source:  

Here´s a slide deck with some ideas for activities. On slide 25 is an activity for a retrospective Lego Serious Play Introduction from martinsandberg   Source:

As a facilitator of a Lego Serious Play Workshop you need to ensure that everyone is aware of the etiquette. Here are the 7 rules … The Rules The facilitator asks the question and determines the time line Your Lego model is your answer to the question There are no wrong answers Think with your… Read Article →

Let´s play LEGO at work! But how? This book tells you how to do serious work with LEGO in your company. Serious Work Book Inspiring book that should help to get into the topic. Lot of case studies and detailed workshop designs are included (plus links to download templates). Negative: some parts read like an… Read Article →

In the Serious Play book about how to facilitate using Lego, 4 processes are mentioned. The 4 Processes Process 1 Set the challenge Build Share Process 2 Context Build Reflect Process 3 Posing the question Construction Sharing Reflection Process 4 Establish objectives Develop questions Set challenges Build models Share meaning Reflect Source Serious Work: How… Read Article →

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