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Managing the 4Ps of Delegates – Turning Passengers, Protesters and Prisoners into Participants To understand what his people really think about taking part in the workshop, he decides to use a training and facilitation tool called the “4Ps.” This categorizes them as Participant, Passenger, Protester, or Prisoner. Source:

Interessanter Akrtikel Jede Vorgehensweise wurde für eine bestimmte Situation entwickelt. Ich würde die Benutzungsreihenfolge so definieren: Design Thinking –> Scrum –> Verbesserungs-Kata. Mit Design Thinking erarbeite ich mit künftigen Nutzern eine Idee, wie eine gute Lösung überhaupt aussehen soll. Es gibt einen oder ein paar Workshops und dann hört Design Thinking wieder auf. Mit Scrum… Read Article →

How can the smell of the place be made visible? This workshop tool can help: Want success? Change your smell of the place! See also The Smell of The Place

Framework introduced in the book Design your Day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz. It stands for: D – Design O – Organise L – Limit your work (Pareto) E – Edit your time spent S – Streamline S – Stop working More The Do Less Method

A morning routine for forming effective habits to start your day out of the book The Miracle Morning (TMM) by Hal Elrod S – Silence A – Affirmations V – Visualization E – Exercise R – Reading S – Scribe More: Miracle Morning TMM (The Miracle Morning) Site Hal Elrods Website

Again another morning routine 🙂 This time it is an idea of Claire Diaz-Ortiz. It reminds me somehow about Hal Elrods SAVERS. P = Pray (pause, peace) R = Read E = Express S = Schedule E = Exercise N = Nourish T = Track More: PRESENT

Das Kernstück der Methode ist der definierte Aufbau des Notizblattes. Du hast Platz für eine Überschrift einen großen Notizenbereich rechts einen Bereich für Fragen links und eine Zusammenfassung am Fuß des Blattes.

Learning Agile principles through play The Ball Runner game originated from the #play14 unconference in London in September 2015. I was toying with the idea of a game around work in progress (WIP), which can be incredibly stressful for teams, and for individuals on these teams. – See more at: Source: Ball Runner: An Agile… Read Article →

After reading an articles about Scrumban here a few notes &  key points on kanban, scrum, roles, boards and meetings Scrumban Notes Kanban from concept to cash WIP limits pull incredibly simple, incredibly powerful Scrum Sprints Sprint Backlog: forecast not commitment intrinsic motivation daily standup estimations DoD Roles Product Owner: just-in-time supply of stories in the kanban backlog… Read Article →

Swamped with work? Start here and STOP! Listen to this great book: Think Fast! Accurate Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Planning in Minutes a Day by Guy Hale A very interesting book that provides a guideline – or a process – that can help us to deal with overwhelming workload: break down tasks, prioritize, pick the right strategy for each… Read Article →

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